BOSCH Security System is one of the thriving industries of BOSCH in Vietnam with a wide variety of product lines and distribution systems nationwide. In order to increase the satisfaction of customers about the quality of products and after-sales services, we would like to introduce a NEW WARRANTY POLICY applicable from September 2016 for all products. belonging to the BOSCH security system as follows:

Warranty Claims:

Global warranty: Applicable to all genuine imported BOSCH products.

All Bosch Security System equipment is warranted if the machine is technically damaged by the manufacturer’s fault

Only a Bosch Authorized service center is authorized. If equipment is damaged, it must be sent to BOSCH WARRANTY in intact condition, not dismantled

The warranty can only be made when it meets the following conditions:

– Device error due to manufacturer.
– Still in the warranty period.

Warranty does not apply to all of the following cases:

– The customer did not present the full Import Invoice (Invoice) of Bosch.
– Equipment is purchased not under Bosch’s distribution channel.
– Expiration of warranty period.
– Misuse, carelessness, natural disaster or any other accident.
– Wrong or unstable voltage.
– Do not follow the instruction manual of the machine.
– Self-repairing and improving the machine
– Cracks caused by transportation or use.
– Cases of device abuse, overloading, misplacing the power source, broken, impacted or damaged machine caused by foreign objects entering the machine.
– Accessories included, …

Warranty period :

– In accordance with the warranty period of Bosch

Service process:

– In accordance with Bosch Warranty Procedures.
– Employees inform customers about warranty products within 24 hours after receiving warranty products and invoice of warranty products, including the following information:

+ Time to receive the machine, technical error of the machine, warranty plan, time to complete and return the machine to the customer (time, place).
+ Problems arise due to objective factors that prolong product warranty period.
+ Repair parts and supplies outside of warranty are imported from genuine Bosch.
+ Modern inspection facilities and equipment according to BOSCH standards.
+ Commitment to provide spare parts, spare parts within 5 years from the date the equipment stops production.
+ Professional human resources: Technicians are trained according to the standard of “Bosch professional training system”.