PIXELab Fingerprint Card Reader

• Messy code encrypted data for the security of fingerprint storage

• RS-485 communication with 19200bps-N-8-1 transmission rate with CRC

• Supports Mifare card reading (30 mm to 100 mm)

• Multiple authentication modes (card, fingerprint, and card + fingerprint)

• Optical CMOS fingerprint module. The characters of fingerprint can be export to the card reader

• Max. 5000 fingerprints storage

• Adopts the optical fingerprint module, supporting 1:N mode (fingerprint, card + fingerprint) and 1:1 mode (card +

• Fingerprint comparison time: 1:1 ≤ 1 s, 1:1000 ≤ 1 s; FRR ≤ 0.01%, FAR ≤ 0.001%

• Communication circuit is designed with optical coupling isolation and noise suppression function

• Built-in buzzer for status indication

• Accurate data and time display provided by built-in electronic clock and watchdog program to ensure the basic function of the terminal

• Tamper-proof function

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