What is AiParking?

AiParking is a new concept used to refer to smart parking systems that apply AI technology in identifying number plates, recognizing the driver’s face to better manage the parking lot.

Application of AiParking parking

  • Non-stop parking: Parking lots require quick identification, creating comfort for users and reducing traffic congestion.
  • Security parking is applied to security agencies such as police, military, government offices, where high security is important.
  • Smart parking: Smart parking lots require high accuracy in reading signs, fast speed of opening barrie.
  • Apply with other accompanying solutions such as: BiFace, BiSecurity, BiTable …

Actual deployment of AiParking smart car parks


Smart parking is a parking management system applying automation technology, information technology and telecommunications, making parking management easy and automatic. Smart car park brings comfort to customers and operators and is capable of controlling and preventing loss for investors.

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