What is BiTraffic?

Is a solution for intelligent traffic management (ITS) that identifies number plates, counts vehicle traffic, warns traffic jams and detects traffic violations ..

BiTraffic features

  • Number plate identification
  • Detecting red light passing behavior
  • Detecting encroachment, running in the opposite direction
  • Vehicle traffic count, traffic jam warning
  • Centralized storage
  • Security Monitoring

Model deployment

Advantages of BiTraffic

  • The system uses AI artificial intelligence technology to identify number plates and traffic violations, optimizing the processing speed with high accuracy.
  • The ability to handle large problems, the ability to scale unlimited models up to tens of thousands of devices
  • The system is developed by a team of leading experts in Vietnam who are currently working in many universities
  • Mastering both hardware and software technology, responsiveness and customization to your needs
  • Young, dynamic, enthusiastic team, eager to conquer new challenges

Management system

III. Contact:

BiTraffic – Smart Traffic Solutions

Transport is a particularly important field that directly affects daily social life. And now, this sector becomes vulnerable to security concerns.

Challenges are to ensure security – safety for passengers, employees, goods, infrastructure and property against possible risks such as: acts of sabotage, terrorism; risk of fire; identification and inspection of abandoned baggage; control of many types of entity in and out; timely and effective evacuation; …

Currently, AIC HCM is one of the leading units providing professional security and sound solutions for this particularly important field.

Main product systems

CCTV / Access Control / Public Announcement Sound / Fire & Fire Alarm / Backup Power Generation

Engineer Team of nearly 20 Years of Experience
Consulting and Designing Audio System Solutions
Quality Guarantee - Prestige - Price
Good customer care
Good Warranty after acceptance

Contact information: AIC Company HCM

Adress: Satra Building – 275B Pham Ngu Lao, District 01, City. HCM City

Hotline: (+8428) 3920 9205 – Email: info@aichcm.com.vn/en



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