Traffic Solution Applying Modern Technologies 4.0

Referring to the traffic situation, there are so many questions or problems that are the solutions to solve and manage the current traffic situation.

Fortunately, with the current development of 4.0 science, the application of a certain part of technology such as image processing, ITS system, cloud server or physical server, infrastructure telecommunications speed … etc. This is now easier to handle than before.

Thanks to inheriting a part of the current infrastructure, the application of current smart transport technologies is easier.


  ITS is a new technology developed in the world used to solve problems of road traffic. ITS uses advancements of information technology and telecommunications to link people, road systems and road vehicles into an information and telecommunications network for transportation. optimized on the highway to reduce accidents, traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

Benefits of ITS Intelligent Transport System

Smart traffic consists of many component systems that are closely linked together to ensure that the transport system meets the following goals:

Help to improve road infrastructure and handle traffic incidents urgently
Modernization of toll booths, CCTV systems, load checking stations and control centers …
Reduce accidents, traffic congestion and reduce environmental pollution
Save time, money and fuel, facilitate maximum travel and transportation of goods
Manage the main traffic arteries, regulate the travel of vehicles on the road by changing information signs


License plate recognition technology is a technology that applies Optical Character Recognition to convert the number plate image captured from a camera to text in the software system for storage and classification. comparative product …

The vehicle number plate recognition technology is applied in the smart parking solution, using the sequence of identification plates to act as IDs for vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. The recorded information includes license plate image, driver, entry / exit time, and is stored and analyzed into data in the vehicle management software system.

I. Application Models:

1. Traffic Monitoring Camera System

Assist operators in observing traffic images from a distance on screens or large screen grids at traffic management center; provide traffic video images to organizations and the public in accordance with the competent authority’s regulations.

2. Automatic Toll System

Includes automatic toll collection (ETC) and semi-automatic (MTC) for fast and efficient toll collection, ensuring statistics, financial control and toll security.

3. Vehicle Traffic Management System

Collect, analyze, report and store statistics data describing the operating condition and performance of the road system; Detect traffic congestion or incidents to automatically alert the operator

4. Smart Parking Management System

Minimize vehicle theft and save on the cost of renting a security guard. Managing many vehicles at the same time, quickly retrieving data when needed

II. Traffic Surveillance Camera System Application Model

Traffic Surveillance Camera System Application Model
  • The traffic order and safety violation handling monitoring system includes the following basic components:
  • Equipment on the road: Speedometers, dedicated cameras, Control devices; Electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment;
    Equipment installed in the monitoring and violation handling center: servers, processing machines, mining machines, printers, display systems, database management systems and application software , communication systems,..
  • Transmission network: Connecting equipment installed on the highway with the processing center as well as between the equipment installed on the national highway and between the centers. Transmission networks can use wireless and / or wired technology

III. Smart Transport Solutions We currently apply:

  • With a lot of experience in implementing projects to meet the strict requirements of each market and weak market of customers. We have a lot of solutions for Smart Transport with the following specific solutions:

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Smart Traffic Solution

Transport is a particularly important field that has a direct influence on daily social life. And now, this sector becomes vulnerable to security concerns.

Challenges are ensuring security – safety for passengers, employees, goods, infrastructure and property against possible risks such as: destructive acts, terrorism; risk of fire; identification and inspection of abandoned baggage; control many types of entity in and out; timely and effective evacuation; …

Currently, AIC HCM is one of the leading units providing professional security and sound solutions for this particularly important field.

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