1. Conference & Conference Audio:

Conference & Conference Audio includes: Microphone, Amplifier, Speaker, Central Controller, Audio Interpreter System … etc. Audio devices are designed and installed to serve meetings, seminars and conferences to make information exchange between attendees easier.

2. To ensure the best audio conference system setup:

  • Before entering the design not only consider good products or not, but we must pay attention to the area of ​​conference rooms, seminars, sound insulation or noise level and echoes of the room. From there we can easily design sound performance equipment accordingly.

  • Next is the Speaker, as we know the Speaker plays the role of bringing sound to the ears of the listener during the meeting, so choosing the speaker is very important, depending on the area or design of the room we can. Easily choose the type of speakers with power to match the type of ceiling or wall mounted depending on the room design, to ensure a pleasant sound to the listeners.

  • Amplifier is an almost important component in the sound system, it is responsible for taking the audio signals from the receiver to amplify the sound to the transmitter. So choosing the Amply we must always follow the principle of choosing Amply with a larger capacity of the Speaker to ensure the sound quality and durability of the Amply.

  • Microphones used in the Conference are divided into two categories: Chair Microphones and Delegate Microphones.
    + Chairman Micro: For the top leader with the priority to speak first or the right to turn off delegates speaking around.

    + Delegate Micro: For the participants, they can press the button to speak when they need to speak.

    To choose a normal microphone, we choose a gooseneck microphone or want to be flexible, we can choose the standard Wireless microphone depending on each suitable meeting, we choose the response type for convenience and flexibility.

3. Some Bosch Conference Audio Systems:

 Currently on the market there are many different brands of conference audio. But to ensure the best quality and price of fish, it is indispensable to mention the conference and conference sounds Bosch with leading German technology. The device meets many strict conditions of sound quality as well as product flexibility applying the latest technology today.

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