What is Smart Home?

Smart home is understood as a house equipped with integrated smart features. Makes all control in the home completely convenient.

Smart Home Features:

Imagine instead of You having to do everything from: Turn on Fans, Air conditioners, Fireplaces, Televisions, Washer machines, Closing doors, … everything is now completely automatic with just One push button can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Also things don’t just stop at equipment automation:

+ Smart home we also have a smart feature that works according to each scenario according to the habits of each family and individual.

+ Voice control feature.

+ The ability to self-study proficient intelligence, making the control more and more optimal.

Smarthome INELS Models

  Unlike other devices in the market, Smarthome INELS device originated from Europe, so you are completely sure of the quality of the Product. The company has had a worldwide potential for equipment development over the past 27 years. If you need communication or equipment experience you can contact AICHCM us.

Smart Home Solutions

Smart home is a new trend in modern house architecture with the aim of bringing a better life.

Many applications and solutions have been introduced, bringing new utilities to change living habits and daily lifestyles, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for people.

With electronic appliances, household electrical appliances such as lights, televisions, refrigerators, … to audio-visual entertainment devices, security devices connected together, it’s easy to control activities. every day of the house even when absent from anywhere with just a smartphone or computer with Internet connection. This will help you reduce the risks and unexpected accidents.

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