Smart Building Management Solution

The factors that determine the quality of traditional building management:

+ Continuous monitoring and management:

The management and supervision of the building must take place on an ongoing basis. The management board must regularly monitor and urge the departments.

+ Human resources:

Personnel is an important factor determining the effectiveness of management activities. The quality of human resources must be good to ensure activities take place according to the correct process.

+ How to organize activities:

In a building there will be many different parts. Therefore, the management must ensure uniformity of departments for smooth and convenient management.

+ Resolving recommendations, ensuring the best living environment for residents.

Receive requests and suggestions quickly from residents in the building. Helping to connect between departments and residents together.

To solve those problems, AICHCM has a comprehensive range of solutions for building management such as:

+ Smart Surveillance Camera system is integrated with AI technology:

Camera Bosch, Camera PIXELab and Beet AI are integrated with intelligent features and image processing technology to make surveillance more secure than conventional cameras.

+ Access Control System By Face Detection:

With PIXELab and Biface facial recognition panels with timekeeping functions, temperature monitoring access monitoring ensures more efficient access management than traditional fingerprint or magnetic card management.

Identity monitoring solution to collect information about people entering the building with Bitable equipment.

Applying artificial intelligence technologies to help monitor the identification of automatic declared information, monitor entrance and exit of people entering the building.

+ Sound system for emergency notification in case of problems: alarm, fire alarm … Plenavas, Paviro, Praesideo, Praesensa … etc …

Be sure to notify emergency situations necessary for communication, warning or evacuation in the building.

The building management using 4.0 technology supports the convenient and easier management of traditional buildings.

Building Management Solutions

Today, with the explosion of high-rise buildings, there is a demand for how to manage the building most effectively. The problem is not only operational control, ensuring security – safety for the building, but also ensuring the connection between buildings with the aim of enhancing synchronization, centralized management and reducing costs. maximum operation for these buildings.
Currently, AIC HCM has implemented package solutions for building management, ensuring the highest efficiency of technology.

Main product systems

Public Announcement Sound / Fire Alarm & Fire / CCTV / Access Control / Display / Lighting Control / Network & Internal Switchboard / Building Management (BMS) / Power Generation Room / Face Detection System / Lighting System

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