Face Detection Surveillance Solution

Face Detection Technology

With the current 4.0 revolution. Especially, the Covdid-19 epidemic situation with complicated developments.Adopting AI technology solutions for Face Recognition in employee management, employee monitoring in and out, the system allows access to dot data public. Ensuring high security and efficiency to avoid the risk of infection in traditional surveillance, towards the trend of professional automation in the world.

Advantages of Face Detection Technology

With facial recognition and analysis technology, it gives us the following advantages:

  • Face detection with high accuracy, absolute anti-fraud.
  • Avoid getting your hands wet when fingerprints are not received.
  • No need to bring your card in case of forgetting or losing it.
  • No need to enter password when entering the door.

How To Recognize The Face?

The solutions we currently have:

+ Face monitoring PIXELab temperature control panel

+ Face monitoring with BiSecurity and BiSchool used in security control or monitoring and attendance in schools

+ Electronic customer identification solution with BeKYC

Gradually replacing the current security, confidentiality and surveillance methods:

Office buildings, offices, banks, hospitals, …
Factory, industrial zone, export processing zone.
Villas, apartments.

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The solutions we currently have:

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