Portable Facial RecognitionTerminal with Biometric & RFID Reader RCFT08MP

  • Adopts deep learning algorithm to recognise facial features
    more accurately and fast
  • Supports multiple authentication modes (face recognition,
    biometric fingerprint and RFID card).
  • 5-inch LCD touch screen for display of terminal status and
    menu operation for configuration.
  • Optical CMOS fingerprint module. The characters of
    fingerprint can be exported to other readers.
  • Maximum storage of 20000 face images and 5000
  • One of the fastest and accurate facial recognition engine of
    <1s per person with 99% accuracy
  • Expansion port for one external card reader via RS-485 or
    Wiegand communication.
  • Connection to external controller via Wiegand
  • Accurate data and time display provided by built-in
    electronic clock and watchdog program.
  • Tamper-proof function.
  • Battery Powered for portability
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